Tess crossed the “Rainbow Bridge” five weeks ago and left a huge void in our hearts.
She’ll never be forgotten or replaced. She was a difficult dog but had a big heart, and it pains me to remember the moment that heart stopped and she sighed for the last time while we held her in our arms.

But life must go on.

We found a new puppy, she’s a 2.5-months-old Airedale and her name is Iris.

When we first saw her in the photo her breeder sent us, we thought this was a “new Tess” from the way she sat propped on her sturdy front legs.
But Iris is not a new Tess, she’s herself and we love her for what she is and the beautiful adult dog she will become.

Tess lives on in our memories and in the hundreds of photos we have of her. Almost ten years of her in our lives left an indelible mark and we’ll treasure it forever.
We could not save her, but we find comfort in knowing we gave her the best life we could and in remembering how she quietly paid us back, day after day.