Tess is gone.
We fought on her side against a relentless foe, changed tactics and weapons, but in the end cancer prevailed.

Three months have gone by since we discovered the gravity of her condition. It would be fair to say we succeeded in giving her a modest life extension but it came at a price. And I don’t mean in terms of vet bills.

She had to learn how to walk and go about her business with only three legs, and she had to endure growing distress in the final three weeks. Her breath had become labored, her sight dim, and her hind legs could barely support her.

Today we took her to her favorite vet, gave her treats and laid out her toys on her bed. She was tired but relaxed as we held her head and scratched her back. She sighed twice when the vet put her to sleep, and it was Tess’s way of saying: “I’m no longer hurting, at last.”

She’s now up there, on top of a verdant hill, looking down at us and patiently waiting.