cartoon by AF Branco, Conservative Daily News

A party deeply divided, an election lost through hubris and incompetence, a slew of key judicial appointments hanging in balance, and finally a weak lineup of 2020 presidential candidates.

If you’re looking for reasons behind the US Democrats’ attempt to overthrow a duly elected President, look no further.

Of course, if you listen to the Dem rhetoric, the President committed “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” when he asked Ukraine to investigate the corrupt Bidens and claimed “executive privilege” when the Dems asked to interview his closest aides. Neither behavior—if you look at it closely—meets the standard of “high crimes and misdemeanors” set by the US Constitution.

What Trump is accused of qualifies as (a) Realpolitik, and (b) defense of the role of the President.

The Democrats have no grounds to complain after years of Obama’s autocratic rule and, if they wish to challenge the President’s right to “executive privilege”, they can take him to court. But they won’t, they’re in a hurry.

The Dems find themselves in existential dire straits and they need this impeachment now—they even hinted as much even before Donald J. Trump was elected President. What the ballot box would not give them, they want to achieve by impeachment.

Again, here are their main reasons:

  • The party is torn between the old guard of geriatric grifters and the new hires, a shrill bunch of far-left wingers who only represent a small minority of the traditional Dem voters, while Trump is making massive inroads into blue collar workers, African-Americans and even Latinos.
  • Trump’s upset victory in 2016 is still an open wound for Dems. Hillary Clinton outspent him by nearly 3 to 1, had a well-oiled political machine and 90 percent of the mainstream media on her side—and still lost.
  • Trump is quietly appointing conservative judges to strategic posts. In the three years of Trump’s tenure as President, the Senate has confirmed 50 circuit court judges (against 55 judges appointed by Obama in 8 years). To this, one must add a probable vacancy in the Supreme Court in the next few months—possibly even before the November election.
  • And finally, the Dem presidential candidates are a bunch of vulnerable individuals who would not last long in a matchup with Trump, no matter what some polls say. Especially in this booming economy and after the President delivered on an unprecedented number of campaign promises.

It appears more than likely that the current impeachment sham will crash and burn in the Senate, but I suspect the Dems are not done yet. Their desperation will probably produce some more harebrained “Hail Mary” moves.

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