® Cartoon by Gary Varvel @varvel

Now that the impeachment frenzy is over and President Trump has been acquitted, as was largely expected, the Democratic Party finds itself enmeshed in a predicament that never occurred before in American history.

The frontrunner of their party is a self-described democratic socialist.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is currently poised to receive the nomination as the Dem presidential candidate in the November election. But there is a problem. A big one.

According to a Gallup poll, American voters are not ready to support a socialist, while being more open to other categories of non-mainstream candidates.

Other Democrat presidential hopefuls have fallen by the wayside. The surviving ones (Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg) are circling the drain and not expected to last long.

As an aside, ex-VP Joe Biden ultimately proved to be a dud in spite of the fierce resistance the Dems put up to shield him from the inevitable fallout of his Ukraine shenanigans. Even if his wheelings and dealings in Kiev had never happened—even though there’s ample proof they did—Biden would have still been a failure.

The man’s incoherent and deeply flawed. He can claim no personal achievements except being Obama’s sidekick. In a presidential debate against Donald Trump he’d be annihilated, even with the mainstream media firmly in his corner.

This is the Democratic Donkey’s predicament. How to sink Sanders for the second time (it’s a known fact the Dems cheated him of his nomination in 2016) without triggering off a revolution?

This is where Michael Bloomberg comes in. With his unlimited financial resources, Bloomberg can literally
buy the nomination, but this will come at a high political price. If the Democrats pull the rug from under the Vermont socialist, there’s no guarantee that his base will rally around the 78-year-old billionaire. In fact, it’s largely expected they will launch violent protests, abstain from voting and even give their vote to Trump in retaliation.

To conclude, the Democrats will soon need to perpetrate a most undemocratic act—they must sink their frontrunner in order to save their party and stand a chance in the November election.

Neither goal appears attainable.