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Management by Accessories

When I started to climb the corporate ladder all those years ago, I did not pay much attention to the accessories that my superiors carried because I mainly focused on their attitude—and my way of dealing with it. It’s perfectly understandable that, when you can only...

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A tutti i cretini

Ricevo questa e-mail su un account di posta Yahoo. Da notare che il mio nome e cognome non compaiono da nessuna parte nel testo del messaggio. Ma c'è ancora qualche cretino che ci casca?   CITIBANK INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK DIRECTOR, FOREIGN OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT...

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All the news that’s fit to misprint

As you might have noticed, I never miss an opportunity to poke sarcasm at the press. It’s funny because my very first job was as a junior reporter and a few years later I switched sides and became a Press Officer, dealing with the so-called Fourth Estate on a daily...

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